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Nice Fast Great Condition HP Touchscreen
Intel i3 2.40GHz Quad Core Processor
500 GB Hard Drive • 6 GB RAM • DVDRW/CDRW Drive • Full Size Keyboard.15.6 inch FULL TOUCH screen w/ webcam • SD Card reader•HDMI Port.Windows 10,Office 2013 • Antivirus $260.00
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Very Nice Fast Touchscreen Acer
Intel i3 1.70GHz Quad Core Processor • HDMI Port
500 GB Hard Drive • 6 GB RAM • Full Size Keyboard
15.6 inch FULL Touchscreen w/ webcam • SD Card reader
Windows 10, Office 2013 •Antivirus • DVDRW/CDRW $200.00
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Incredible Fast Toshiba A665
Intel i5 2.53GHz Quad Core Processor
640 GB hard Drive • 6 GB RAM • DVDRW/CDRW • Full Size Keyboard.15.6 inch screen w/ webcam • Blu Ray Disc Drive w/ Software • HDMI Port.Windows 7, Office 2013 •Antivirus
1 GB Dedicated NVIDIA Graphics! $260.00
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“Great service at a very reasonable price! Will definitely be going here from now on for any computer issues!”

Karyn Spinner

“Have had nothing but excellent service and after sale support. Highly recommend!”

Charity Schadt

5 Stars

Brandie Sutton

“If you need a new laptop, he refurbishes them so they’re ten times better than “brand new out of the box”, and he does laptop/computer repairs, as well as virus removal. This man is very dedicated to his customers and will work with you and go the extra mile to help you out. His customers are why he’s where he is today, and he knows that and shows it in his excellent work!”

Kallista Elayne Blanchard

5 Stars

Gail Church Wigington

“So glad I was referred to Kings PC! Great customer service…got my computer fixed in under an hour! Will definitely return if have any other problems! Thank you for your help and service!!!”

BreAnne Nicole

“Tim is amazing and very knowledgeable. He has good prices and a great inventory.”

Jenny Anderson-Beatty

“Tim is a great person. If you need a computer or any services for a computer, I recommend you call him.”

Felicia White

5 Stars

Stephanie Childress

5 Stars

Renee Lynch

“Awesome work at a reasonable price!”

Anita Parker

5 Stars

Mathew Volner

5 Stars

Joy Szewczyk

5 Stars

Rosalio Acuna

5 Stars

Janelle K Lang

“Awesome to work with, such a smart and talented man.”

Bridget Kagemann

“Tim does a great job and his turn around time is impressive! He’s trustworthy and upfront when it comes to giving quotes and when recommending how to proceed with repairs. I appreciate that he stands behind the work he does. I would recommend Kings PC to anyone needing computer or cellphone repairs!”

Sarah Henkel Jacobs

5 Stars

Breanna Rose Grady

5 Stars

Raymond Heitmeier

5 Stars

Debbie Gonzales

“Thanks to Tim I don’t have to buy a New computer – He gave my 5 year old computer a New Life!!!! As someone else said – He Doesn’t make you feel Dumb – talks to you at your level – we Really Appreciated that! I don’t want to say he’s Fast (but he is) to your needs…cause the guy needs to Sleep…sometime anyway 😉 PLUS – he has Great Buys on Computers! Thanks Tim – You Are Awesome”

Maureen Burds Hunt

5 Stars

Alicia Parker

5 Stars

Jessie Durham

“Tim spent several hours babysitting my old hard drive from a dead laptop to save my documents and pictures. He also made me a great deal on a newly refurbished hp to replace my old one. Thanks for the great service Tim…and on a Sunday no less!!!”

Brian Timmermann

“Affordable prices & pride in customer satisfaction. #1 recommendation for computer purchase & support!”

Hannah Kay

5 Stars

Dale Huntington

“Awesome guy great at what he does very patient helpful and understanding I definitely recommend him !!!! Thank you King PC”

Nichols Maine

“Tim saved my sorry ass. My Alienware computer has games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas, alongside a massive (almost 100 for both) amount of mods that were carefully picked and adjusted to ensure compatibility and an optimal performance. I, upon waking up, drowsily thought it might be smart to install the newly released, buggy as shit Windows 10. I immediately regretted my actions, as my computer was stuck at a black screen. My mother attempted to fix it, and it worked… to a degree. She called Kings PC, and Tim patiently worked at a problem which took him an entire four hours on the second visit, with a smile and nary a complaint. He was constantly lead to dead ends, seemingly found solutions that did not work due to my computer’s utterly bizarre state, and experienced countless complications in general. He came out on top, however, restoring my games, my save files, my mods, and most importantly of all, my computer. To say I was hysterical with joy is an understatement. If you want a man who is patient, friendly, and a true expert at what he does, pick Kings PC.”

Jacob Glick

“Called Tim with a problem. .took care of it within the hour. While I was there I picked up an awesome laptop fully updated and ready to go…175.00. What a deal..also was given a laptop bag, worth big bucks for free..Glad i drove to Mt Pleasent from Burlington. .well worth the trip.”

Donald Hensley

5 Stars

Brandon Fetterman

5 Stars

Matt Bro Beans Fetterman

“Tim does great work! Quality work and at a great Price! Highly Recommend him!!”

Edgar Espinoza

5 Stars

Kayla Schier

“Once again, my sorry butt has been saved thanks to Tim. He never makes us feel dumb! LOL I love that about him. He also never makes us feel like we’re imposing on him when we desperately need our computer fixed, yesterday, and he /never/ yanks us with extra charges that he (oops) failed to mention when we first call. ♥ Tim is /always/ reliable and TRUSTworthy!!! THANK YOU, TIM!!!”

Theresa Jensen